Christian Man Murdered in Horrifying Punishment for Refusing to Deny Jesus Christ

Christian Man Murdered in Horrifying Punishment for Refusing to Deny Jesus Christ

Christians are among the most persecuted people on the planet — despite the left’s denial of that. While liberals like to talk about how Islamophobic America is, they ignore the true persecution that occurs throughout the world.

One particular brutal example of Christian persecution occurred in India, where a family that had converted to Christianity from the local tribal religion was tortured brutally, Global Christian News reported.

The family of Bartu Urawn, 50, had followed the tribal religion Sarna Dharam, which translates as “Religion of the Holy Woods,” until they converted to Christianity roughly 10 years ago.

That didn’t sit too well with the local tribe, so it attempted to force the family to denounce Jesus. While some other families who had converted denounced Jesus and returned to the tribal region, Urwan’s family refused.

Ultimately, the tribal persecutors took Urawn and his wife and made them stand in a lake in the middle of winter for 17 hours with only their heads poking out of the water.

“It was last year in winter when the cruel villagers put my mother and father in cold water at five in the evening till 10 next day morning. I was away, and on my return, they made me sit outside the pond and watch my parents die,” explained Urawn’s son, Beneswar Urawn.

Both the father and mother suffered nerve damage from being forced to stand in the cold water because they still refused to denounce Jesus. While the mother eventually recovered, the father died on Jan. 20.

“The police did nothing about the murder of my father, calling it a ‘natural death,’ but invited the villagers on 2 February for ‘peace talks’ and instructed them to not trouble us further, as faith is our personal matter and we are free to believe whom we want to,” Beneswar said.

This is truly horrific, but, sadly, is just one example of the horror that Christians experience all around the world on a daily basis. We must never forget what is happening to these people overseas.

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