Chris Christie to Face Criminal Charges over “Bridgegate” Scandal

Chris Christie to Face Criminal Charges over Bridgegate Scandal

Any aspirations New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie had about serving in President Donald Trump’s administration will likely need to be put on permanent hold.

As reported by The Associated Press, New Jersey Municipal Court Judge Roy McGeady ruled against Christie and in favor of William Brennan, a retired firefighter who had filed a misconduct complaint against the governor last year over his behavior in the now-infamous George Washington Bridge lane-closure scandal, also known as Bridgegate.

This was the second time McGeady had ruled against Christie. After his first ruling last fall, a higher court ruled that the governor had not been properly represented at the initial hearing and demanded that the judge essentially go through everything again.

There is “probable cause to believe the governor knew this was more than just an ordinary and productive traffic study and the consequences were upsetting to the mayor of Fort Lee,” McGeady stated Thursday.

McGeady was referring to what occurred in the week of Sept. 9, 2013 — i.e., Bridgegate — when Christie’s office reportedly colluded to create traffic jams in Fort Lee by closing lanes on the George Washington Bridge for days under the pretense of conducting a traffic study.

It has long been the contention of the governor’s critics that, despite Christie’s claims otherwise, he himself was behind the disturbing endeavor — and that it had been purposely orchestrated to punish Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich for having declined to support Christie’s re-election bid.

What exactly will happen next remains unclear. The governor is reportedly expected to answer the criminal summons on March 10, though it is unknown whether he will need to appear in person.

Moreover, Christie could eventually wind up going to trial, though the case would first need to be presented to a grand jury.

As noted by the New York Post, after Christie met with Trump at the White House earlier this for lunch, speculation began to mount that he may join the administration. After what just happened, however, it is very unlikely the Trump administration will recruit the governor any time soon.

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