China Flies Nuclear-Capable Bomber Near Taiwan



China has launched and flown a long range, nuclear-capable, bomber around Taiwan.

President-elect Donald Trump recently accepted a congratulatory phone call with Taiwan president, Tsai Ing-wen, breaking a longstanding so-called “one-China” rule of diplomacy.

Meant to keep China happy, past presidents obeyed a tradition of diplomacy which refuses to recognize the island nation of Taiwan as a political entity independent from mainland communist rule.

Since 1979, no president or president elect would speak with any Taiwanese president. That is, before Trump.

In response, China flew a nuclear-capable bomber throughout the South China Sea in Taiwan’s vicinity, an aggressive maneuver meant to threaten Taiwan’s assumed sovereignty.

Fox News is reporting:

The dramatic show of force was meant to send a message to the new administration, according to the officials. It marks the second time Beijing flew bombers in the region since Trump was elected.

Even more concerning for the Pentagon, China has been seen by American intelligence satellites preparing to ship more advanced surface-to-air missiles to its contested islands in the South China Sea.

Similar flights have been made before, but none going so far into contested zones as Thursday’s H-6 bomber flight along the “nine dash line,” which surrounds territory Taiwan and other countries consider their own.

American liberals and Chinese communists share a common ground whilst protesting Trump’s acceptance of President Tsai Ing-wen’s call congratulating him for his election win.

When the communists took over mainland China, the republic government escaped to the island of Taiwan in 1949.  Since then, China has refused to recognize Taiwan as a sovereign state. To appease China and ignore Taiwan is to favor the rule of communism over a stand for independence and freedom.

Fox News continues:

The Pentagon was alerted to the Chinese flight Friday. It was the first long-range flight of a Chinese bomber along the U-shaped line of demarcation since March 2015, according to the officials.

Over the summer, Chinese bombers flew over the South China Sea and the contested islands, but they did not fly nearly as far as this one, the officials said.

At various points in recent long-range flights, Chinese fighter jets provided escorts to the single Chinese bomber.

In recent days, U.S. intelligence satellites have spotted components for the Chinese version of the SA-21 surface-to-air missile system at the port of Jieyang, in southeast China, where officials say China has made similar military shipments in the past to its islands in the South China Sea.

Increasing Chinese militarization in the South China Sea, including China’s construction of thousand of acres of land atop reefs in order to runways for fighter jets and bombers, is a deliberate threat to Taiwan’s security.

No matter the future diplomatic efforts between Taiwan and the U.S., it’s clear who the aggressors are.

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