Chilling Video Allegedly Shows Disgraced Bob Creamer’s Sick Revenge on Helpless Girl

Chilling Video Allegedly Shows Disgraced Bob Creamers Sick Revenge on Helpless Girl

Project Veritas, founded by James O’ Keefe, has become known for undercover reporting and exposing corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud and other misconduct — particularly on the left.

However when a sting went awry due to left-wing operatives, a woman was harassed, personally attacked and verbally abused.

The incident reportedly happened while Project Veritas was in the middle of an investigation into groups planning to disrupt President Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day ceremonies. However, the progressive group in question, “Undercurrent,” caught on to the sting and then turned on the young reporter in a malicious way.

Ryan Clayton and Lauren Windsor, among others, harassed the woman, asking her deeply personal questions, committing slander about her employer, and calling her derogatory names before trying to push into the woman’s cab as she tried to get away from them.

It also appeared from some of the words used by Clayton that Robert Creamer may have been involved in the attack. Creamer is a convicted felon — and a frequent visitor to the White House during Barack Obama’s presidency — whose schemes to disrupt Trump’s campaign were uncovered before the 2016 election by none other than Project Veritas.

So to hear that he could be behind this attack is sickening, but perhaps not surprising.

Specifically, Clayton told the young woman, “Bob Creamer sends his regards” before telling her, “You’ve been creamed.”

While we cannot be certain that Creamer was behind this, it is very damning to his reputation to have these people attack a woman using his name during the incident. See the video below and decide for yourself if this looks like behavior conservative activists would engage in:

Left-wing activists get very violent, malicious, and destructive during their “events” and its just something we as conservatives, with very few exceptions, do not do. We don’t break things, hurt people or harass.

This is sickening beyond belief.

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