CHILLING: UN President Spotted Wearing Pro-Palestinian Scarf, Supporting Terrorists


Wake up, America. The United Nations is NOT on our side.

Actually, that’s the point. The U.N. isn’t supposed to be on any side, except that of peace and justice.

It was then both shocking and sickening that Peter Thomson, president of the U.N. General Assembly and the supposed embodiment of neutrality, recently sported a Palestinian scarf for the International Day of Solidarity for the Palestinian People, according to The Jerusalem Post.

Could he be any more obvious in his bias in favor of a terror-supporting state?

The Palestinian flag was raised for the first time in 2015, following a 2012 upgrade of its U.N. status to nonmember observer state, an implicit acknowledgment of its sovereignty.

Palestine is a government of a territory over which it has no actual control. Since the Six Day War in 1950, Israel has remained in disputed possession of East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. There has been trouble ever since, and it’s not likely to stop anytime soon.

Back at the U.N., the Security Council has refused to recognize Palestinian sovereignty, according to The New York Times. And for good reason: In recent years, the Middle East was the subject of 76 percent of country-specific General Assembly resolutions, 100 percent of the Human Rights Council resolutions …

(Deep breath) … 100 percent of the Commission on the Status of Women resolutions, 50 percent of reports from the World Food Programme, 6 percent of UN Security Council resolutions and 6 of the 10 emergency sessions.

Palestine has a long and documented history of supporting, supplying and harboring terrorists. Omar al-Hroub, for example, was a Palestinian who murdered six Israelis with a bomb. His wife was honored at a Clinton Foundation dinner in September 2016, as reported by WND.

As long as Palestine condones terrorism in any form, the U.N. needs to shut the door. By wearing a symbol of the terrorist Palestinian state, Peter Thomson was tacitly giving his approval, and, by extension, ours.

We should be outraged.

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