Child Finds Mom & Dad’s Sickening Secret in Bedroom, Takes Action on His Own

Child Finds Mom Dads Sickening Secret in Bedroom Takes Action on His Own

A 10-year-old boy from Pennsylvania made a horrifying discovery in his parents’ bedroom – and it landed them in jail.

According to the York Daily Record, the child was upset with his parents for leaving him alone in their house by himself. The parents, 27-year-old Lakin Michelle Stoppard and 26-year-old Anthony Edward Young II, often left their young son home alone, to fend for himself.

But the child kept a very dark secret. His parents were constantly using drugs, and the child often begged his dad to stop, but his mother defended the drug use.

One day, while his parents were away, the child decided to carry out a secret plan. He entered his parents’ bedroom, saw their drug stash, and immediately called the police on his parents.

When the police arrived, they found eight syringes, one glass crack pipe, four packets of heroin, and several other drug-related items.

Police called the parents and asked that they come home, and when they refused, police sent out a search party to find them. When they finally caught up with the couple, police saw that they had been doing drugs.

The parents are now experiencing the harsh hand of justice. Not only have they been charged with multiple offenses, but their child was taken away from them and is now in the custody of youth services.

Although the little boy lost his family and possibly his only chance at a real relationship with his parents, he still mustered up the courage to do the right thing for a better life, both for himself and for his parents.

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