Chicken Wings on Food Network Spark Liberal Outrage

Chicken Wings on Food Network Spark Liberal Outrage

In the minds of liberals, almost everything in this world is somehow racist. Actions taken by white people, no matter how innocuous, are almost always seen as proof of some deep racial bias.

Take chicken wings for example. Food Network star Ree Drummond, who has a show called “Pioneer Woman,” is now being accused of “racism because of what she did with chicken wings, Eater reported.

In a 5-year-old episode of the show, Drummond pulled a prank on her husband and his friend by giving them Asian wings instead of Buffalo wings.

Somehow, in the minds of liberals, this is proof of how racist those people are.

“The offensive conceit — that he and his college buddies would be revolted by Asian wings — was clearly written into the show before it was even filmed,” Eater reported.

So in the mind of liberals, not liking the food from a certain culture is clearly proof that you are racist and hate everyone from that culture.

Just because I don’t like Greek food, and wouldn’t be too thrilled if someone gave me Greek food after promising me something else, doesn’t mean I hate all Greek people. It just means I’m not a fan of their food.

The Thick Dumpling Skin blog was the first to complain about the episode, and noted that the Food Network doesn’t have any Asian cooks. Again, somehow this is clear proof of how racist everyone on the network is.

Good grief.

Instead of looking for racism in every nook and cranny possible, maybe liberals should focus on something else. Their obsession with labeling everyone who doesn’t agree with them as “racist” is why so many people loathe liberals, and why they have lost so many elections in recent years.

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