After Chicago Torture Video, Palin Wonders if Kaepernick Will Take a Knee


What a stand-up guy NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick is. Well, more knee-down than stand-up. But clearly, he stands — oh, sorry, kneels– for his principles about hate in America.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin thinks so, too, and she’s offering Kaepernick a great idea: Put your money where your mouth — er, knee — is.

In a scathing commentary for Breitbart, Palin takes Kaepernick, President Barack Obama, and society itself to task for our callous elevation of political correctness over truth.

“It’s time for a screaming wake-up call, America,” Palin wrote. “We fail when we retreat and capitulate to the elitist PC thought police who command that we sit down and shut up about their double standards.”

“Is it politically incorrect to call on leaders — including black leaders — to proclaim this the wake-up call society needs? If so, so be it. I call on them. Is it politically incorrect to challenge pop culture ‘heroes’ to join in? If so, so be it,” she continued.

“I challenge Colin Kaepernick to take a knee over this one, for this cause is based in reality.”

Aaand, this is why we still love Sarah Palin.

The double standard of hate promoted by the left and the liberal media is designed to make thinking Americans lose their bearings. We don’t need the media, the government or even one another to tell us what is right and what is wrong.

Hate and violence against innocent people, in all its forms, is wrong.

And qualifying that by the color of one’s skin? Pure hypocrisy.

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