Chicago Journalist Sent to Cover Swedish “No-Go Zones” Gets Escorted Out By Police

Chicago Journalist Sent to Cover Swedish No-Go Zones Gets Escorted Out By Police

A Chicago video journalist has learned firsthand that much of what the liberal mainstream media peddles about all of Sweden being a safe and glorious utopia brimming with multicultural love and harmony is a lie.

This video journalist was Tim Pool, a high-profile Occupy Wall Street protester who last month accepted a dare of sorts by U.K.-based Infowars contributor Paul Joseph Watson, who promised to pay $2,000 toward the cost of the trip for any journalist who thought Sweden’s immigrant zones were safe to actually visit and get a taste of their conditions.

And, oh, did Pool ever get a taste. As reported by Breitbart, Pool was exploring a “no-go zone” in the Rinkeby suburb of Stockholm when he and his team were accosted by masked men and had to be escorted to their vehicle by local police.


In a statement released later, Pool — who had incorporated Watson’s challenge into his own broader reporting project on Muslim migrants in Europe — offered a more detailed description of what exactly had occurred.

“They (the police) said it would be smart if they followed us out,” he wrote, as noted by Mashable. “He said, ‘if we make an arrest right now there could be 50 people here in minutes with stones. As we were walking out people started following us. The police escorted us to our car and we left.”

Welcome to Sweden, Mr. Pool.

Desperate to disparage President Donald Trump, who last month accurately described Sweden’s many problems during a rally in Florida, the liberal media have since tried to dispute even Pool’s account of events, claiming it was not representative of all of Sweden.

However, according to a translation of a Kronen Zeitung report made by Breitbart two months ago, there were at least 55 “no-go zones” in Sweden, if not more.

Even a simple old mall in the Swedish city of Gothenburg had been transformed into a veritable “no-go zone” because of unruly migrants, according to RT.

Yet according to the fake news media, everything in Sweden was hunky dory, and migrants and locals could be seen daily singing “Kumbayah” around camp fires. Of course, this is the same media that fervently believes Trump is the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler, so I wouldn’t place much trust in its claims if I were you.

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H/T U.K. Daily Mail