Chicago Doctors Teach Class For Bystanders To Save Lives After Gun Violence

Chicago Doctors Teach Class For Bystanders To Save Lives After Gun Violence

In Chicago, the violence has escalated to such a level that doctors have banded together to teach a course showing bystanders how to give first aid to gunshot victims, The Daily Caller reported.

Chicago is not a safe city in which to live — according to the Chicago Police Department, 762 homicides were committed in the city last year alone.

According to ABC News, Dr. Mamta Swaroop, a trauma surgeon at Northwest Memorial Hospital, created the Chicago South Side Trauma First Responders Course so that people would not be helpless when and if their family members find themselves in critical condition.

“The worst thing in the world is when you have to tell families over and over and over again that there was literally nothing you could do for their family member,” she said.

Swaroop said that the idea for the course came to her after seeing multiple patients bleed out before they could be saved by medical professionals at the hospital.

Although the course is a huge step to saving lives in the city, Swaroop knows — this is not the way to fix things in Chicago.

“I feel like this course is a Band-Aid. ‘Til the infrastructure, ’til the city, ’til everything else catches up. This is something that can be a stopgap,” she said.

You can see a short video from ABC News about the classes here:

What she is doing is commendable, but the real question is — why are things so bad that she has to train bystanders?

Oh, that’s right, because the city has been run by Democrats for decades.

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