Chelsea Clinton’s Tweet About MAGA Hat on Portrait of Lincoln Goes Viral

Chelsea Clintons Tweet About MAGA Hat on Portrait of Lincoln Goes Viral

It’s an unwritten rule: We don’t pick on the children of the president. Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton, however, is now 37 and fair game for ridicule when she does or says something really stupid.

Her latest offering was a tweet showing a portrait of President Abraham Lincoln wearing a Make America Great Again hat and accompanied by Clinton’s musings about whether it might be photoshopped. Unfortunately, we’re not kidding.

The Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Day dinner on Saturday was held at some pretty posh digs — no less than Mar-a-Lago, the Florida home of President Donald Trump. The program’s cover featured President Lincoln in a MAGA hat, according to TheBlaze.

Clinton apparently felt it was her duty to expose it to the world via Twitter. Here’s the original tweet:

As one might predict from the Twitterverse, the trolls came fast, furious and hilarious.

Some of them were directed at Clinton’s tweet specifically:

Others provided more general guidance:

While still other users commented more about Clinton in general than about her tweet:

But the best response might have been this one:

It’s hard to argue with logic like that.

Clinton later tweeted that her original tweet was an attempt at sarcasm that was “too subtle.” Riiiiiiiight.

It seems easy pickings to make fun of someone’s dumb tweet, but if you have to question whether President Lincoln in a MAGA hat isn’t an original, you’ve pretty much issued the invitation for some overripe fruit to be thrown.

Newsbusters was quick to point out that had such a gaffe been made by the daughter of a Republican president, the media would be having a field day, not ignoring it as they are with Clinton, a Stanford University graduate with no fewer than three postgraduate degrees, one of them a doctorate from Oxford.

Chelsea Clinton is being groomed to run for public office as early as 2020, according to the New York Daily News. Let’s all remember this moment if she does.

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