Chelsea Clinton’s Green Pancakes has Twitter Users Nauseous

Chelsea Clintons Green Pancakes has Twitter Users Nauseous

I don’t know about you, but I would not eat them on a train, I would not eat them in the rain …

Chelsea Clinton unintentionally began a viral sensation after she posted a picture of green spinach pancakes on Twitter.

According to WND, the daughter of former President Bill and Hillary Clinton has since been mercilessly mocked.

Take a look at Chelsea’s now infamous pancakes below:

And here’s the reaction she got on social media. Check out some of these hilarious tweets:

However, what eager critics on social media didn’t realize at the time was that there was a very specific reason why Chelsea made those pancakes the way she did.

Chelsea took to Twitter two days after her viral tweet to explain that her daughter Charlotte needs the iron in her diet.

“Dear internet, my daughter needs +iron so we put spinach in everything we can. The pancakes may not be pretty but she eats them(&their iron),” Chelsea stated in a tweet.

OK, that’s fair — although everyone on the planet needs iron, and most of us don’t resort to green pancakes to get it. Whatever the reason for them, social media came to the consensus that those pancakes simply did not look appetizing, and we tend to agree.

I still don’t like them, Sam I Am.

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