Chef Who Sold Food to Trump Campaign Gets Blackballed by “Tolerant” Liberals


Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s supporters lost at the ballot box on Tuesday. Now, as revenge, they’re trying to make sure one Detroit chef loses his livelihood because he sold food to the campaign of President-elect Donald Trump.

According to WXYZ-TV, Chef Don Studvent, a self-described Democrat, was being boycotted because his restaurant, 1917 American Bistro, catered a Republican event in Detroit that included Donald Trump Jr.

Studvent was caught on camera with Donald Trump Jr. He said he didn’t think anything about the job or about posing with the son of a presidential candidate, saying that he put politics aside when he deciding on catering.

“There is personal and there is business. It should always be separate,” said Studvent. “Business-wise I can’t take sides. I just can’t.”

However, Facebook liberals disagreed. “After seeing the owner spinning and grinning here with Trump Jr. I’ll be eating at Kuzzo’s from now on,” read a post that had been shared over 200 times. Studvent said it’s led to a dramatic drop in customers and a lot of Facebook hate.

“It hurts,” Studvent said.

“They want to not only not support me, boycott me!” he exclaimed. “It’s unfair and it’s selfish.”

He hopes that election-based hatred blows over in time for him to be able to keep his restaurant.

“This is my living,” he said. “And it’s not just my living, my employees’ as well.”

Of course these were the “tolerant” liberals we’ve seen this entire election cycle, the ones who have physically assaulted and verbally bullied Donald Trump supporters, then claimed they were in the right because they disagreed with Trump. These were the “tolerant” people we’ve seen take Trump yard signs time after time.

In fact, one of those caught stealing Trump’s yard signs — a self-declared soccer mom from Maine — was even allowed to pen an op-ed in The Washington Post about why she felt entitled to steal the signs that ended with her and two friends being charged.

“We felt assaulted by the number of signs. The idea of ‘cleansing’ our streets seemed like the fastest way to restore balance and alleviate our election stress — at least, that night it did,” she wrote.

That’s right, “cleansing” of any contradictory thoughts. Those who were for Donald Trump — or even those, like Don Studvent, who may be politically opposed to him but refused to abhor and despise him in a way deemed proper by the left — must be “cleansed.” What a telling phrase.

Chef Don Studvent may be a Democrat, but he needs our patronage. If you live in or around Detroit, we implore you to give him your business, if at all possible. He’s one Democrat you can definitely feel good about supporting.

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