Charles Krauthammer Says Gorsuch Filibuster Will Hurt Dems

Charles Krauthammer Says Gorsuch Filibuster Will Hurt Dems

For the next week (or possibly longer), all eyes will be turned towards the Senate to see if President Donald Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch, will be filibustered by Senate Democrats.

If Democrats do go with the filibuster, and if Republicans don’t have votes to end it, then Republicans could invoke the “nuclear option” to lower the threshold for confirmation down from 60 votes to a simple majority.

Conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer explained that if Democrats do go forward with the filibuster, it will come back to haunt them later, The Daily Caller reported. And though he didn’t put it in so many words, Krauthammer’s statement amounted to a dare: Democrats are risking a “self-inflicted wound” of the highest order if they resort to a filibuster now.

“The reason this is all important, the debate now, the argument now, the tussle now is not about Gorsuch,” Krauthammer stated on Fox News’ “The First 100 Days” on Thursday. “Everyone knows he is going on the court.”

“It’s about the next nominee. If the Democrats force the hand of McConnell on this vote, abolish the filibuster — needing only 51 — next time around, when you might even have a liberal seat going up. Then, if it is only 51, the Republicans would be tempted to go for a far more hard-edged conservative than Gorsuch is,” he explained.

“That will be a self-inflicted wound by the Democrats,” he added.

Krauthammer is absolutely right. Requiring only a simple majority for confirmation of a Supreme Court nominee would make it much easier to replace justices.

Check out his explanation here:

However, Republicans should also be careful. They won’t always have a majority in the Senate as well as the White House. Someday, the Democrats might be able to put whatever justice they want on the court, too.

Invoking the nuclear option is a risky proposition. It would be far better if Democrats would just come to their senses, put aside the partisan hatred and allow Gorsuch to have his confirmation vote.

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