Celebrities Tout The ACLU At The Oscars

Celebrities Tout The ACLU At The Oscars

The blue ribbon at the Oscars goes to the American Civil Liberties Union.

During Sunday night’s award ceremony, many celebrities wore blue ribbons as a show of support for the ACLU, which has been aggressive in supporting liberal causes against President Donald Trump.

Some fans, however, wished celebrities would leave their politics at home.

Others said the ACLU was flat-out wrong.

The ACLU was one of the first organizations to file lawsuits against the implementation of Trump’s executive order on immigration and travel, which has since been held in abeyance by the courts. The group has also been active in the fight against rules that require transgender individuals to use the bathroom that corresponds with their biological sex.

Ribbon-wearers were savaged by Nickarama on Young Conservatives.

“We can play identify the leftist,” Nickarama wrote. “So what do they expect will happen by wearing these ribbons?

“That people will rush out and donate to the ACLU? That we will suddenly swoon and start accepting all the leftist causes that the ACLU has pushed?”

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Source: westernjournalism.com