CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Cop Rips Open 87-Year-Old’s Car Door, Tells Her to Get Out. Then I Saw Why…


Driving is such a common part of everyday life for most of us. It would be overwhelming to reflect upon the serious potential dangers that come with driving on the road every time we step into a car.

Of course, drivers should drive defensively and obey traffic laws, yet even if you are an excellent driver, accidents and emergencies still occur and are out of our control. More than likely you have been in one or know someone who has.

The brave people who help rescue passengers trapped in vehicles during emergencies have many faces. God gives humans, even five-year-old girls, unique strength and courage to help others after car crashes and other emergencies that leave people helplessly trapped inside an unsafe car.

In this story, the brave person who rescued an 87-year-old woman trapped in her car as it was on fire goes by the name of Officer Jimmy Madison. Officer Madison, a member of the Santa Fe Police, captured the terrifying moments before he rescued 87-year-old Deborah Spear as well as the moment she safely exited the vehicle consumed in flames.

Spear was driving on a flat tire to see her doctor. She couldn’t tell that sparks had begun to spray from the wheel, catching on the front of her vehicle and setting it on fire.

Thankfully, Officer Madison was on the scene as he yelled for her to get out of her car. Spear sat unaware of the dangerous flames engulfing the car in which she was sitting, and if he hadn’t warned her, she probably would not be alive today.

Not only did Spear get out of the car in time despite her being not knowing her car was on fire, but Officer Madison was even able to get her cane out of the car before it was damaged. He also used a fire extinguisher to put out the fire so it would not cause further harm.

Although the situation itself was serious, Spear has not suffered any damage. She was examined at the hospital for smoke inhalation and other complications, but she’s doing fine.

She also made a miraculous last-minute decision before she got into her car that day to not bring her dog with her. Normally her dog goes everywhere with her, but fortunately her choice that day kept him safe at home away from the threat of the fire and smoke.

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We’re thankful for this observant policeman and his quick thinking. We’re sure that Spear and her pup are grateful, too!