Cartoon Exposes Why Clinton Foundation Was Never About Charity



Kimberly Morin explains that the reason the Clintons are millionaires is 100% thanks to the Clinton Foundation. The faux charitable foundation that was put into place as a pay-to-play scheme in which favors were returned to enrich the Clinton’s bank accounts.

The Clinton Foundation is still under investigation by the FBI and seems to have a very long history of what appears to be illicit behavior if not outright fraud by claiming they are actually a charity.

Looks like some people haven’t taken too kindly to the investigations or the truth about the Clintons. From The Daily Caller:

Clinton Foundation officials were able to attract only five new donors between July 1 and September 30 — the controversial charity’s third quarter — The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group has learned.

Foundation officials delayed release of the quarterly report of its latest donors on its website until the after the Nov. 8 presidential election, which former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost to Republican rival Donald Trump.

The low number of new donors may indicate potential contributors were frightened away by repeated news reports that the Clinton charity is under FBI investigation regarding multiple allegations of “pay-to-play” influence-peddling schemes involving both Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton, as well as their key political aides.

“A lot of questions have been raised, and I think donors are understandably cautious about getting involved with this deeply troubled charity,” Charles Ortel, a Wall Street analyst and philanthropy expert, told TheDCNF.

And why wouldn’t donors be afraid? Most were donating to get something in return. They weren’t donating from the good of their hearts. If they were, they wouldn’t have ever donated a dime to the Foundation, since it rarely helped anyone but the Clintons!

It’ll be interesting to see how this moves forward. Once the investigations are over and the dust has cleared, who exactly will donate to the foundation now that the Clintons have zero power in Washington D.C.?

A little reminder about The Clinton Foundation:

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