Car Swerves toward Cop. But When He Looks Her in Eyes, He Knows. Then He Sees Her Mouth Two Words

Car Swerves toward Cop But When He Looks Her in Eyes He Knows Then He Sees Her Mouth Two Words

When you are driving and spot a police car near you, what is your first instinct? You might note the speed limit on the road and continue driving with extra caution and awareness.

It’s usually rare that someone would purposely drive in a reckless manner or speed right in front of law enforcement. Recently one driver went against this assumption, and it likely saved her and her husband’s lives.

The couple, who would like to remain unidentified, were driving in their car together in southwest Atlanta, Georgia. They reached Campbellton Road and parked on the side of the road waiting for their granddaughter, but became victims of a carjacking.

A man entered their car while they were still inside of it. He pointed a gun at the wife and instructed her to drive.

Imagine all of the thoughts that go through your mind on an average drive. The wife was driving for almost one hour with a gun to her head doing exactly what she was told.

However, she was determined to come up with a plan to escape with her husband to get out of their car and away from the carjacker’s control. She wracked her brain for a way out of this terrifying ordeal.

The wife knew that every minute she continued to comply with the carjacker’s demands, she was only putting herself and her husband in further danger. The carjacker told them that he needed to “get more guns.”

Then, she spotted what appeared to be her only sign of hope. A police car was out patrolling.

Atlanta Police Caption Rick Mason had no idea that a serious crime was being committed in a car nearby, and the driver desperately wanted his attention. The wife decided to decrease her driving speed and swerve in front of the police car to get Mason’s attention.

Mason thought the driver of the car may have been driving in such a way because of texting while driving. Then, he saw her look him directly in the eyes and mouth the words, “Help me.”

Once she knew that she had alerted the police officer of needing help, she stopped the car and escaped with her husband. They ran to the officer for safety.

Mason told Fox 5 about the carjacker’s reaction to the husband and wife’s sudden escape: “A gun in his right hand, a panic look on his face, he ran around the back of his car, fumbled with the gun, jumps in the driver’s seat and hits the gas.” After crashing into another car a mile down the road, the man was identified as Jeremy Summers.

Summers broke his femur in the crash and will now face kidnapping, robbery, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon charges. Not only did the husband and wife avoid any physical injuries during the situation, but now the husband has a renewed appreciation for his wife.

He walked away from the incident calling his wife a hero. Her clever way of getting the police’s attention may have even saved their lives!

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