Candid Photo Reveals What’s Behind Trump’s Tie, Sparking Criticism On Social Media


Every move made by President-elect Donald Trump is subject to intense scrutiny and criticism.

This was obvious Thursday when Trump exited his plane in Indiana.

As he stepped out of the aircraft and into the wind, a photo was taken that quickly became fodder for criticism on social media.

The tail of the president-elect’s necktie was too short to be solidly tucked into the loop, so as a temporary fix a piece of adhesive tape was used to tape the tail to the back of his tie.

Many people on Twitter took the opportunity to criticize Trump and mock his fashion sense.

This is not the first time Trump has been criticized for his neckwear choices.

Following the second presidential debate, comedian Patton Oswalt tweeted that Trump was “sporting a fetching ‘tie hanging out the bottom of his jacket like a hungover limo driver’ look.”

David Yi, editor of the men’s grooming site Very Good Light, gave his opinion on Trump’s wardrobe choices.

“Let’s make it clear — when it comes to a presidential race, there are no style mistakes,” Yi told Yahoo News. “Everything is planned out methodically, [from] lapel size to tie color. So when it comes to Trump’s suits, of course the ill fit and copious jacket sizes are intentional. He wants to look larger than life.”

The president-elect was in Indianapolis to formally announce the tentative agreement he had made with Carrier to keep nearly 1,000 jobs, slated to be sent to Mexico, in the United States.

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