Cameras Catch Mike Pence Doing Something Unexpected in Iowa [WATCH]


Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence gave a strong display of support for law enforcement officers Thursday that revealed his true character.

Before making a campaign stop, the Indiana governor and his wife, Karen, stopped by a memorial site in Des Moines, Iowa, where they met Police Chief Dana Wingert and other officers to express their support.

The couple placed flowers on a memorial outside the police station and then traveled to Urbandale, where they visited another memorial for slain officers.

The Pences expressed their condolences for Sgt. Anthony Beminio and Officer Justin Martin, who were shot and killed Wednesday morning in what officials called ambush-style attacks, the Des Moines Police Department said.

One media outlet covered the visit, but it was not a scheduled event. It appeared that Pence didn’t want to make the stop about himself. The couple walked up to the memorial, placed flowers on it and said a silent prayer.

When a reporter asked the governor if he had anything to say to the people of Des Moines, Pence said, “The hearts of the nation are breaking for the families of these two courageous officers.” He added that he wanted to stop by to give his condolences to the families of the officers.

Watch the footage below.

This is quite a different response from the ones we are accustomed to seeing from President Barack Obama. Obama would rather make such an event about himself and his agenda. One of his most shameful moments of his presidency was when he used a memorial service for slain law enforcement officers in Dallas as an opportunity to politicize the issue of gun control and accuse law enforcement agencies of systemic racism.

Pence showed what genuine concern looked like with this quiet visit.

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