Camera Caught CNN Email About “Your Question” in Questioner’s Hand at “Fair” CNN Debate on Obamacare

Camera Caught CNN Email About Your Question in Questioners Hand at Fair CNN Debate on Obamacare

Perhaps in a bid to recapture some of the stellar ratings from the primary phase of the 2016 election season, CNN hosted a debate Tuesday night on Obamacare between Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and independent socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

While the debate hosted by Jake Tapper and Dana Bash went about as one would expect, a question asked by a member of  the live audience has sparked some controversy and has many people asking CNN some pointed questions of their own.

According to the Independent Journal Review, a woman named Carol Hardaway rose to ask a question about preserving Medicaid expansion, but some viewers with sharp eyes noticed that the sheet she was reading her question from appeared to carry the familiar logo of Google’s Gmail and included the words “Your question” on the email’s subject line.

You can watch her ask her question here, and see if you can spot the logo and phrase on the paper she is holding:

Of course the internet immediately exploded with a number of theories regarding the paper, the most obvious of which was that CNN itself had provided a prompt.

Here is a closer view of the paper. You can see from the inverted inset that the printed-out email reads “Your question” on the subject line:

planted question CNN Obamacare debate

The American Mirror noted that this incident seemed remarkably similar to other incidents involving CNN and debate questions that were revealed near the end of the 2016 campaign season via the voluminous emails released by WikiLeaks that showed collusion between several media outlets, including CNN, and the presidential campaign of Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps this woman’s question was strictly her own and was merely advanced to the network for screening before she was allowed to ask it on live TV, but it is impossible to dismiss outright the notion that CNN may have planted the question and aimed it at Cruz in a bid to trip him up or force an answer that might be viewed as not compassionate enough.

We may never know for sure, but given the reputation for “fake news” CNN has earned over the past year or two, it would be foolish to dismiss this out of hand as nothing to be concerned about absent any further explanation.

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