Cali Professor Calls Police “Slave Catchers”

Cali Professor Calls Police Slave Catchers

The liberal hatred of police has gone so far that it borders on the absurd. In fact, one liberal professor who is also a member of the Black Lives Matter movement claimed that modern-day police officers were descended from slave catchers, the Cal State Fullerton Daily Titan reported.

Donna Nicol, associate professor of women and gender studies at Cal State Fullerton, claimed that police were successors to “slave catchers,” which is why they were constantly targeting African Americans.

“The police that we now have were the slave catchers. So that is where it comes from. You literally have a target on your back. That is what policing was founded on and that is what it evolved out of. So the former slave catchers or paddy rollers, they were called slave patrols,” she stated.

I wonder if Nicol would still feel the same way about police if she were being robbed.

Just remember, this person is paid to teach college students. No wonder education in America is down the tubes: You have people like Nicol poisoning the minds of young adults.

“You talk to each other, you care for each other. If someone is having a mental health breakdown, you attend to them, you provide health care. You stop criminalizing people for their gender or for not having a gender or whatever they choose,” Nicol stated, claiming that police departments should be abolished and that local communities can solve all the problems of the world without them.

Police officers risk their lives every day to keep us safe. I’d like to see Nicol, or any of the delicate snowflakes she teaches, try to step outside their academic bubble and do what police officers do every day.

If these liberals were exposed to the real world, they wouldn’t last five minutes. They’d probably sit down, cry and ask for a therapy dog because they don’t posses the mental ability to deal with real-world problems.

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