BuzzFeed Caught Spreading Massive Fake Hate Story About Trump


Another day, another fake Trump hate story — this one spread by BuzzFeed News.

A Muslim student at Baruch College in New York City was arrested on Wednesday after filing a false police report claiming that a group of drunken Trump supporters told her to take off her hijab on the New York subway.

But according to WPIX-TV, 18-year-old Yasmin Seweid confessed to making the whole story up after being pressed by police.

Seweid had originally reported the attack as taking place on Dec. 1, with several men yelling at her to “take that rag off your head.”

According to the New York Daily News, the student said that the three men were yelling “Donald Trump!” and Islamophobic slurs. Worse, she said that nobody on the train stepped in to help her.

“It made me really sad after when I thought about it,” Seweid said. “People were looking at me and looking at what was happening and no one said a thing. They just looked away.”

“I heard them say something very loudly, something about Donald Trump … I also heard them say the word terrorist and I sort of got a little scared,” she added.

“Get the hell out of the country!” she said that they yelled. “You don’t belong here!”

No one was more instrumental in spreading the story than liberal site BuzzFeed News.

“The Southern Poverty Law Center on Nov. 29 released a new report detailing the impact that President-elect Trump’s victory has had on the number of hate crimes committed across the country,” they reported as part of their story. “In the weeks following Trump’s election, the group recorded 867 hate incidents committed. Of those, 206 occurred in public places.”

Unfortunately, plenty of those acts have turned out to be fake, as we’ve reported before. Yet, sites like BuzzFeed keep on reporting on them uncritically. In fact, BuzzFeed’s story seems to indicate that there was little to no doubt that Seweid’s story was factually accurate.

When the truth did come out, BuzzFeed made no alteration to the story, nor did they pull it down. Instead, they put a short notice at the top of the story that said, “Yasmin Seweid was arrested on Dec. 14 for filing a false police report and obstructing government administration, police said.”

That’s all. That’s all that it deserves. Not a retraction, not an apology. Just a short notice with the same venomous anti-Trump lies still below.

And you wonder why Americans don’t trust the liberal media?

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