BUILD IT: Eiffel Tower Getting 8-Ft. Bulletproof Wall… Where Are Libs Now?

Eiffel Tower Getting 8-Ft. Bulletproof Wall Where Are Libs Now

Liberals have been screaming for over a year about President Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border to stop illegal aliens and terrorists from entering our nation undetected.

On Thursday, the city of Paris announced that it would be building a wall of its own around the Eiffel Tower, yet liberals have been strangely silent about this wall, Breitbart reported.

An eight-foot tall bulletproof glass wall will be erected around the Eiffel Tower to thwart any potential terror attack from occurring around the most iconic building in France.

France has suffered many terror attacks over the past few years, so it shouldn’t be a surprise the country is taking steps to protect its monuments/tourists from any more attacks.

Of course liberals, haven’t objected to this wall because it would mean admitting that the only reason this wall needs to be built is because of the failed liberal policies regarding unchecked immigration from the Middle East.

So, the Eiffel Tower can have a wall, but the U.S.-Mexican border, with all of it’s smuggling, drug trafficking and crime, can’t? That’s liberal logic for you.

Sky News noted that this new wall, which will be erected later this year, will replace metal fencing that has been around the Eiffel Tower since the Euro 2016 soccer match. Tourists will now go through security checkpoints to visit the tower — but there will be no extra charge.

What a sad world this is that we now have to have bullet-proof walls around cultural sites because of how bad the terror threat has become.

The Eiffel Tower is undergoing a series of renovations over the next 15 years to improve the site for tourists, and this wall is being billed as a part of those renovations, the U.K. Independent reported.

While France has indeed suffered horrific attacks, the United States is just as threatened by radical Islamic terrorists. We have a right to build our own wall to protect our country, just as France as the right to build a wall to protect one of the world’s most famous buildings.

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