Brutal Drug-Resistant Infection Lands in Los Angeles

Brutal Drug-Resistant Infection Lands in Los Angeles

As the liberal outrage over President Donald Trump’s temporary ban on immigrants from some countries continues, one of the devastating effects of allowing unvetted immigrants cross borders appeared in one of America’s largest “sanctuary” areas for illegal immigrants: Los Angeles County, California.

The Los Angeles Times reported that L.A. County health officials announced Tuesday that a resident who died last year had been infected with a bacteria that was resistant to treatment, even by the “last-resort” antibiotic colistin, because it carried the mcr-1 gene.

The rise of drug-resistant bacteria is a serious problem, as it has led to strains of tuberculosis and gonorrhea that don’t respond to antibiotics, the Times reported.

The mcr-1 gene was first discovered in a female patient in Pennsylvania who had a urinary tract infection in November 2015, setting off a worldwide bio-risk warning from the World Health Organization, Breitbart reported.

The Los Angeles County Health Alert Network released a “Health Advisory” Tuesday, stating that the infection was “most likely acquired during international travel.” The warning noted that the mcr-1 gene “has been reported in human specimens from five additional states and in animal specimens from two states.”

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health recommended hospital-based health providers in California follow the county’s Department of Public Health recommendations regarding infection control and testing.  All county health care facilities are required to report any signs of mcr-1 within one working day, the advisory stated.

Last May Chinese, British and American microbiologists found almost 100 instances of the mcr-1 gene, which indicated that the disease may be more far-reaching than previously thought.

National Geographic reported that mcr-1 is resistant to drugs because of mobile genetic elements known as plasmids, which can move from one bacterial species to another.

This is bad news for everyone, and it presents the country with a problem that needs to be addressed — sooner rather than later. Ensuring immigrants are healthy before allowing them to enter the country would a step in the right direction.

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