BRUTAL Cartoon Sums Up Why Democrats Hate Betsy DeVos

BRUTAL Cartoon Sums Up Why Democrats Hate Betsy DeVos


Robert Gehl reports that a bunch of screechy Leftists got all wet, and it’s all because of a bunch of meddling kids.

The teenagers – three 18-year-olds and two 17-year olds – were charged with misdemeanor charges of “malicious mischief” after they threw water balloons at protesters in South Carolina Monday afternoon.

The Leftists were protesting outside of Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham’s office in Mount Pleasant, the Post and Courier reports.

Martin Rhodes, 41, was one of the Lefties hit by the water balloons. At the time, she was holding a sign that read “Bigotry Destroys Democracy.”

“I didn’t honestly realize it was a water balloon.” Rhodes told the paper. “I was a little bit shaken up. One of my concerns has been the normalization of behavior that we wouldn’t have found acceptable until now.” No word on if her precious sign got damaged.

Police actually responded to the call of a pickup truck full of kids driving by and tossing water balloons at the protesters and while they were there, the pickup came by again.

“It’s those pickup trucks,” people yelled, according to incident reports.

Officers said they then spotted a second pickup truck, a black Toyota Tacoma, and followed the two trucks down Mathis Ferry Road. Police said the trucks turned onto Seaport Lane, where a traffic stop was conducted of the black Toyota Tacoma. Officers blocked the only exit until more units could arrive.

The police saw two .223 caliber magazines inside the vehicle and told the kids to get out.

As the kids sat on the tailgate of the truck, the cops asked them what was going on. An 18-year-old responded “we threw water balloons at a bunch of liberals.”

According to police reports, at least two liberal protesters were hit by the water balloons.

The protest was in opposition to Graham’s support of Betsy DeVos, President Trump’s choice for Education Secretary.

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