BREAKING: WikiLeaks Moving to Take Down Chief Clinton Strategist


The Ecuadorian embassy may have shut off Julian Assange’s internet connection and the mainstream media may be doing everything in their power to discredit them, but that doesn’t mean that WikiLeaks is staying silent.

On the contrary, the transparency organization announced its latest target in a tweet this weekend: one of Hillary Clinton’s top campaign strategists.

According to Breitbart, WikiLeaks announced Sunday that chief Clinton strategist Joel Benenson would be the next target for the organization’s document dumps.

“@benensonj We have a surprise for you #JBSurprise,” the organization tweeted.

Just slightly afterwards, the group issued another threat to Democrat vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine, who said that his emails were altered by the organization in relation to the John Podesta document dump.

Of course, cryptographic evidence seems to indicate that the documents weren’t altered at all by WikiLeaks (or anyone else), but that hasn’t stopped Democrats from claiming that a) the whole thing is a fake, and when that doesn’t work b) “Look, Russia!”

I remember when Donald Trump issued his apology for the comments made on the “Access Hollywood” video that the media made a big deal about the fact that they’d never heard Trump apologize before.

Now, let me ask you a question. Have you ever heard not just Hillary, but anyone associated with her campaign apologize? And just as importantly, have you heard anyone in the media hold them accountable for it?

The WikiLeaks hole keeps getting dug deeper and deeper, with more revelations that the Democrat Party in general and Hillary Clinton’s campaign in particular is a cynical, digital-age Tammany Hall.

We haven’t heard any talk about top Clinton aides apologizing for using language that insulted Catholics and evangelical Christians and treated Bernie Sanders supporters like scum, though. Whenever Democrats are asked about the emails or other sundry revelations by a reporter, they offer no explanation other than that those goshdarn Russkies ought to be held accountable. God forbid any Democrat ever be held accountable.

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America is tired of this. It’s time we got a real apology — and then made sure these charlatans stay out of the White House.

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