BREAKING: Wife Of New Missouri Gov-Elect Robbed At Gunpoint


When the governor-elect of Missouri’s wife was robbed at gunpoint, he knew just who to turn to: law enforcement and his Creator.

Eric Greitens, a former Navy SEAL and author who was elected governor of the Show-Me State in November with a 6-point margin, wrote Monday on Facebook about the attack on his wife.

“Tonight, my wife Sheena — the mother of my two boys, and the future first lady of Missouri — was robbed at gunpoint not far from our home,” Greitens wrote. “She is safe — but shaken. We are grateful for the men and women of law enforcement. Their response was swift and skilled, and we thank God for their presence tonight.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, three male teenagers were arrested after a suspect pulled open the door of a car Sheena Greitens was sitting in, pointed a gun at her and robbed her, getting away with a cellphone and laptop.

Three teenagers, 14, 15 and 19, had been arrested, according to the Post-Dispatch, but no names were immediately released.

The laptop and cellphone were found in the suspects’ vehicle.

You can watch local coverage from KSDK here:

“I have spoken in the past about the importance of public safety. About the need to take care of the men and women of law enforcement who have our backs. About the danger too many Missourians feel walking in their neighborhoods at night, or taking their kids to school, or going to the grocery store,” Gretiens continued in his statement.

What happened to his wife didn’t change anything, he said.

“If tonight’s incident has done anything, it has only served to strengthen my — and our family’s — resolve,” Gretiens wrote. “We are, now more than ever, committed to the law enforcement officials who were by Sheena’s side within minutes. We are, now more than ever, disturbed by the violence and chaos in our communities. And we are, now more than ever, focused on the mission of creating safer neighborhoods for all of our families and all of our children.”

“We are also thankful tonight: for God’s grace, for our brave men and women in law enforcement, for the safety of our family, and for the prayers of so many of you. God bless all Missourians, and those who keep us safe,” he concluded.

You can read his entire post here:

In a nation where most governors try to strike a balance between Black Lives Matter and law enforcement, it’s good to see someone like Greitens take a stand for not only God but also law enforcement.

Let’s hope that other governors follow his example.

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