BREAKING: Vladimir Putin Just Hillary In the Heart In Front Of The Entire World Today


Hillary Clinton is always talking about how she and Vladimir Putin are friendly. It’s a lie. You can’t spell Hi -lie-ary without saying a lie. That’s why it is so humiliating that reveals that Putin actually hates Clinton.

“Hillary likes to play tough with Russia,” Trump said, according to Business Insider. “Putin looks at her and he laughs, OK. He laughs. Putin looks at Hillary Clinton and he smiles.”

This is one reason that the mainstream media hates to talk about. Hillary is NOT qualified. She is a disaster.

“Boy, would he like to see her,” Trump continued. “That would be easy. Just look at her decisions. Look how bad her decisions have been. Virtually every decision she’s made has been a loser.”

Donald didn’t stop here. Hillary Clinton thinks that she can portray herself as strong in the face of Russia. American News has reported that Trump is now attacking Clinton for running the government like a “third-world country.” He then said that Clinton is a “disaster in so many different ways.”

Trump also told the military audience that he will defeat ISIS and address the crisis at the VA medical facilities around the nation. He then slammed the agreement with Iran and called it “one of the dumbest deals I’ve ever seen.”

“This is one of the most dangerous times we’ve ever had,” Trump said.

Share this everywhere right now. We need to get the truth out. Hillary Clinton will cause war with Putin. (h/t Conservative World Daily)

We have to vote Trump or revisit the cold war.