BREAKING: Virginia Delivers Huge Message That Shakes Up Race… Back in Play


According to a new poll, Virginia is well in play for the upcoming general election, having previously been considered a sure win for Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

A new poll from Emerson College showed Clinton facing stiff competition from GOP nominee Donald Trump in her running mate’s home state.

Vice presidential hopeful Sen. Tim Kaine should be helping Clinton lock down the crucial state. Instead, according to the new poll, Clinton was leading by only 4 percent, barely outside the poll’s margin of error.

Thus Trump has the opportunity to take 13 electoral votes from what should have been a Democrat slam dunk.

Kaine has not been terribly helpful thus far in the almost-over presidential race, especially during the sole vice presidential debate, where he badly lost to GOP VP pick Mike Pence at Longwood University, resorting to slogans and canned phrases to try to convince the audience he was on the right side.

At that debate, he bizarrely tried to narrow the campaign down to one issue — abortion.

“I think you should live your moral values,” he said, according to Heavy, “but the last thing, the very last thing that government should do is have laws that punish women for making reproductive choices, and that is the fundamental difference between a Clinton/Kaine ticket and a Trump/Pence ticket.”

Kaine also had to cancel an event in Sarasota, Florida, reportedly due to lack of attendance, quite possibly because of asinine remarks like that.

Clinton may just be regretting her choice of a running mate.

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