BREAKING: Trump Pick for Interior Sec. Is Complete Nightmare for Environmentalists


President-elect Donald Trump already thumbed his nose at the most strident environmentalists with his pick of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency. Now, he’s done the same with his choice for secretary of the interior.

According to Reuters, Trump intends to choose Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a Washington Republican who has been skeptical of the climate change agenda and is supportive of American energy independence, for the post.

KPCQ-TV reporteds that Rep. McMorris Rodgers was the number four Republican in the House of Representatives. She’ll now be given charge over a quarter of America’s land, which is held by the U.S. government.

“She certainly knows all these interests and hopefully will be able to chart a course for the agency that allows for conservation and development to proceed hand in hand,” said Eric Washburn, an energy lobbyist who has served as an adviser to Democratic Sens. Tom Daschle and Harry Reid.

However, don’t think think that the imprimatur of a lobbyist connected with the left is bad news. Environmentalist groups are expected to vigorously oppose Trump’s pick in the same way they have Pruitt.

“Donald Trump just posted a massive ‘for sale’ sign on our public lands,” said the League of Conservation Voters, which gave Rep. McMorris Rodgers a zero on its latest congressional scorecard.

This is because she could open up public land — including national parks and tribal land — to easier access for oil companies.

McMorris Rodgers has also been a strong critic of global warming extremists, as well; she notably said once that Al Gore ought to get an “F” in science and an “A” in creative writing.

Energy has been at the top of the president-elect’s agenda, and the appointment of McMorris seems to indicate he’s following through on his promises to that effect.

Making America as energy independent as possible should be the goal of any administration, and we believe it can be done without sacrificing our environment. It looks like Rep. McMorris Rodgers does, as well.

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