BREAKING: Trump Beats Media AGAIN, Steals “Fake News” Narrative, Humiliates Them


President-elect Donald Trump fired the son of one of his transition team’s staff members Tuesday because he was allegedly spreading fake news.

According to The New York Times, Michael G. Flynn, the son of Trump’s choice for national security advisor, was let go after spreading a fake news story that linked Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign to a sex trafficking ring tied to a pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C.

Online speculation surrounding the Comet Ping Pong restaurant and an alleged child abuse ring linked to Clinton’s campaign began in October when WikiLeaks published emails from Clinton’s campaign manager, John Podesta, that included several messages that involved pizza, The Washington Times reported.

The speculation reached a new level on Sunday when a North Carolina man was arrested after bringing a rifle into the restaurant and allegedly opening fire while “self-investigating” the conspiracy, according to law enforcement.

Flynn posted to Twitter that until “pizzagate” was proven to be false, it would remain a story. “The left seems to forget #PodestaEmails and the many ‘coincidences’ tied to it,” he said.

Apparently Trump disagreed with how Flynn was pushing this narrative.

Jason Miller, a transition spokesman, said Tuesday morning in a conference call that Flynn was no longer involved with Trump’s transition team, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

By tackling the problem head-on, Trump’s beating the media again. He’s demonstrating that he doesn’t give credence to conspiracy theories and that in fact he takes the fake news problem more seriously than he does speculation.

Trump also showed the media that he rejected the premise that the severity of the accusation of sex trafficking is more important than the evidence, which should humiliate the mainstream media because they have profited for years from huge stories that have little evidence — including stories of Trump’s “sexual assaults” and other claims.

By letting Flynn go, Trump indicated that his standards were higher than those of the liberal media — and that’s a good thing.

Trump would do well to capitalize on this move because it shows how he’s not playing around. Whether or not the transition team has enough energy to spare to fight this battle right now is anther question.

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