BREAKING: Trump Announces He’ll Fund Pentagon Boost by Defunding EPA, State Dept.

Trump Announces Hell Fund Pentagon Boost by Defunding EPA State Dept

President Donald Trump ran for office on a promise to increase defense spending in a bid to rebuild and refit an overextended and shrinking military force.

Little more than a month into his tenure as commander in chief, it appeared that he had already begun making good on that vow, as it was revealed that the proposed budget for the Defense Department would likely see an increase matched by spending reductions in other areas, according to Reuters.

Two unnamed officials said to be familiar with the budget proposal stated that the spending cuts would come from non-defense-related agencies and departments, with the State Department and Environmental Protection Agency slated to bear the brunt of the reductions.

Bloomberg reported that many staff positions at State, including a deputy secretary in charge of management and resources, as well as numerous special envoys with narrow missions not specifically tied to national security, could be reassigned or eliminated altogether. It was also expected that the amount of foreign aid issued through the department every year would be significantly reduced.

As for the EPA, it has long been understood that Trump intended to cut that agency down in size, particularly when it comes to the many complex regulations that do little to actually protect the environment and serve only to stifle economic growth and job creation. The EPA budget is expected to be slashed “big league.”

CBS News noted that while details remained scarce, it was thought that Trump would seek to increase defense spending by as much as $54 billion, an amount to be offset by cuts to other non-defense and domestic programs.

An unnamed official at the Office of Management and Budget told reporters that “most” agencies would see cuts in their budgets, though it was made clear that any non-defense domestic programs that were related to national security would be left untouched.

Of course most liberals are howling, and congressional Democrats, along with some establishment Republicans, will likely fight Trump tooth and nail throughout the budget process to protect their favored programs.

We, however, fully support the idea of taking an ax to all of the wasteful federal spending programs that aren’t specifically enumerated in the Constitution and don’t contribute directly to keeping the nation safe and secure.

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