BREAKING: Trump Announces $1 Billion Fiat Chrysler Investment in U.S.

Trump Announces 1 Billion Fiat Chrysler Investment in US

Are you sick of winning yet, America?

Donald Trump isn’t even president yet, and already, yet another company has announced increased investment in America. This time, it’s Fiat Chrysler. In a statement released Sunday, the automaker announced a $1 billion investment in the United States, creating a raft of new jobs.

In a statement, the company “confirmed the next phase of its industrialization plan by announcing a total $1 billion investment in plants in Michigan and Ohio, and the addition of 2,000 new American jobs.”

“Consistent and combined with previously announced investments, FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automotive) US is further demonstrating its commitment to strengthening its U.S. manufacturing base, and aligning U.S. capacity to extend the Jeep product lineup. In total, FCA US has committed investments of more than $9.6 billion in its U.S. manufacturing facilities and created 25,000 new jobs to date since 2009.”

While the move has been in the works for a while, Reuters noted that FCA Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne noted that automakers were loath to invest in or outsource to Mexico thanks to Trump’s tough stand on outsourcing.

“The reality is the Mexican automotive industry has now for a number of years been tooled-up to try and deal with the U.S. market. If the U.S. market were not to be there, the reasons for its existence are on the line,” Marchionne said.

Trump, meanwhile, took to Twitter to celebrate.

Starting with Carrier, Trump has managed to change the conversation about jobs in the United States in a major way. And yet, the media still refuses to give the president-elect his due on this.

Jobs is one of the reason that Donald Trump is headed to the White House. After eight years and countless brags about just how good the economy is doing, President Barack Obama’s performance was repudiated by Trump’s election. Now, we can see the fruits of this. If only the media would start reporting it.

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