BREAKING: Texas Works On Getting Rid of Concealed Carry Fees


Owning a handgun could become more affordable for those living in Texas if Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has anything to say about it.

On Wednesday, Patrick announced that he had filed the paperwork for Senate Bill 16, which would eliminate any fees associated with obtaining a license to carry permit in the second largest state in the United States.

Currently, state law requires a $140 fee to carry a license and a $70 renewal fee every five years. At these rates, Texas has some of the most expensive fees in the nation. Such high costs can make owning a gun difficult, and law-abiding citizens shouldn’t be kept from owning a gun because they can’t afford government fees.

Perhaps those prohibitive fees will soon become something of the past.

Texas legislature doesn’t convene until mid-January, but a form already presented by Patrick showed that all language referring to citizens paying a fee to obtain a license was removed.

Bedford Republican State Rep. Jonathan Stickland supported the idea.

“We do not believe that citizens in Texas should have to pay for the right to defend themselves,” Stickland told KDFW.

The National Rifle Association Institute of Legislative Action applauded the bill, stating on its website, “No hard-working, law-abiding Texan should be priced out of the ability to exercise his or her right to self-defense.”

Citizens would still be required to undergo background checks as well as proper training before becoming certified, KFDA reported.

SB 16 is definitely good news for Texans. If passed, it would help allow all citizens, regardless of income level, equal access to personal protection. The Second Amendment right to bear arms is one of our most basic freedoms, and it should be affordable for all who wish to exercise that right.

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