BREAKING: Soros Election Tampering Explodes… Illegally Funneling Cash


Liberal billionaire George Soros is in trouble after a complaint filed with an Arizona county claims that the financier and fundraiser committed campaign finance violations during this election cycle.

According to The Associated Press (via WWET-TV), a campaigner for Maricopa County Attorney filed a complaint with the Maricopa County Recorder’s Office last week, alleging that Soros’ political committee, Arizona Safety & Justice, has violated campaign finance law.

An attorney for Bill Montgomery, the incumbent, filed the motion on Friday after he said that “the law requires political committees making independent expenditures to a candidate or office within 60 days of an election to provide 24 hours’ notice to opponents about submitted print or television ads.”

Montgomery has claimed that his campaign was not notified of his opponents’ ads.

The charges were the latest against Soros, often seen by conservatives as the bogeyman during this campaign cycle.

For instance, Soros’ involvement with a maker of electronic voting machines has many Republicans calling foul or asking for a paper ballot.

Sixteen states — including the swing stats of Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Virginia — use voting machines provided by Soros-connected company Smartmatic.

In case that doesn’t sound too intimidating or scary to you, it’s worth pointing out that Smartmatic points out as its “success stories” the nation of Venezuela and Cook County, Illinois. In case you hadn’t watched that television program called the news in quite a while, those are two places not exactly known for the integrity of the voting process.

It’s worth pointing out that the left often whines and squeals about the Koch brothers, although they seem to do little in the way of campaign finance violations or controversies. George Soros, meanwhile, seems to create them everywhere he goes.

But that’s how things are. The rules don’t really apply to liberals, which is why Soros and his bags of money are trying to turn Arizona blue. Let’s hope that he can be stopped.

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