BREAKING: Shots Fired Near Anti-Trump Protest in Seattle, Multiple Victims Reported


A confrontation near a protest in Seattle against Donald Trump’s election night victory ended with five people shot outside a convenience store, according to The Seattle Times.

Authorities said that two of the shooting victims had life-threatening injuries.

Reports say that the gunshots rang out just before 7 p.m. Wednesday night outside a 7-Eleven. Sharon Keith, the 7-Eleven manager, said she heard what “sounded like firecrackers” just outside the store.

“I saw multiple people down, bleeding,” Keith said.

Many wondered if there was a relationship to an anti-Trump march that began at Westlake Mall earlier in the day. The Times said that the march was progressing down “various streets” at the time of the attack, although it’s unknown whether it was on the same street as the shooting. Police, however, said that it wasn’t related to the anti-Trump rally.

“It’s not related to the protest at all,” Seattle police Assistant Chief Robert Merner said. “It appears to be some type of personal argument.”

Another unnamed police spokesman said that it had “escalated very quickly.”

Mayor Ed Murray also said that Seattle police “do not currently believe the shootings are linked, nor do they believe there is any tie to tonight’s march.”

However, the shootings occurred during a tense political environment in America, with many anti-Trump protests teetering on the edge of violence.

The Los Angeles Times reported that several protests in California disrupted traffic and included protesters burning Trump in effigy. One protest in Oakland saw protesters throwing bricks through several businesses’ windows and torching tires and garbage cans.

Even outside the White House, The Hill reported that students “stormed” the walls of the White House in the early hours of Wednesday morning, as it became clear Donald Trump would almost certainly win the election.

Remember when “accepting the results” was one of the most important attributes the left insisted on for anyone on the right, especially for Donald Trump? That criteria has vanished, and with a surprising quickness.

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