BREAKING: Senate Republicans Go NUCLEAR…Again

BREAKING Senate Republicans Go NUCLEAR Again

The Democrats staged yet another petulant protest of sorts against one of President Donald Trump’s nominees yesterday, and this time it was against Environmental Protection Agency nominee Scott Pruitt.

Since no Democrats showed up and according to the rules, one must be present, today the Republicans once again called their bluff and temporarily suspended the committee rules to hold the vote and advance the nomination on to the full senate.

The New York Times reported, via Hot Air:

The 11-0 vote sends the nomination to the full Senate, where Mr. Pruitt is most likely to be approved next week…

Republicans mocked the Democratic boycott.

“Democrats are just wasting time by pulling this stunt,” said Senator Shelley Moore Capito, Republican of West Virginia. “Eighty percent of life is showing up. Democrats are just wasting their lives.”

The Democrats are using these pathetic/futile stall tactics to try and temporarily thwart the progress and functioning of the Trump administration to appease the hard Left. In regard to Pruitt, Democrats claim that he didn’t answer all their questions but the Times even noted that Pruitt provided “written answers to over 1,070 questions sent to him by committee Democrats, in a 252-page file.”

Hot Air reported:

This is the third time in a week Democrats have attempted to boycott one of Trump’s nominees. On Tuesday, Democrats failed to show up for a committee vote on Trump’s Treasury nominee Steven Mnuchin and his HHS nominee Tom Price. Chairman Orrin Hatch was irritated with Democrats saying, “They ought to stop posturing and acting like idiots.” The following day Hatch suspended the rules of the committee and advanced both nominations to the full Senate.

It’s about time that the Republicans stood up and found a backbone — something that has clearly been spurred on by Trump.

Hot Air also brought up an excellent point about these sad little boycotts. The Democrats likely know that their little “boycotts” are futile but that it’s all about making it seem like they are doing something to appease the far left that is pressuring them to mount stiff resistance.

It’s also likely that big Leftist money is behind the pressure as well. The 2016 election made it clear that the far Left agenda was repudiated by millions of Americans, but instead of backing away from it they have instead doubled down, very likely because that’s what the Leftist billionaires pulling the strings want them to do — i.e. George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, etc.

That’s not to mention the Leftist celebrities that Democrats have depended on to sway public opinion. They’re out there circulating lies, fomenting hatred and violence, pushing for a military coup, etc. Again, the Democrats should turn away from this insanity if for no other reason (because you know morality doesn’t sway them) than the obvious fact that, as we saw in 2016, these celebriturds don’t have anywhere near the influence the left clearly thought they did.

Although the Democrats’ boycotts and other stall tactics are ultimately futile symbolic gestures to appease the far Left, they have succeeded in slowing things down.

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