BREAKING REPORT: Flowers Bombshell… Reveals Who Bill Had Murdered to Hide Affair


The Clintons have shown over the years that they will go to great lengths to hide their crimes, and the latest bombshell allegation against former President Bill Clinton is particularly heinous — even for him.

Gennifer Flowers has claimed that she had a 12-year affair with Clinton and has alleged, via an interview with Aaron Klein Investigative Radio, that she became pregnant with his child.

Flowers said that in 1977 that she became pregnant with Clinton’s child and that he paid her $200 to go and get an abortion — which she says she did.

A fetus is a person, and Bill Clinton paid a paltry $200 to have one killed off, according to Flowers.

That’s a pretty low price to put on a human life, and not much money to shell out on behalf of a woman whose life was changed forever.

The abortion was “psychologically a horrible thing to go through,” and “not only physically painful but it was very psychologically painful,” according to Flowers, who spoke to Klein in an hour-long interview that will air Sunday.

You can listen here:

Flowers told Klein, “But yes, I told him (Bill Clinton). And deep down I wanted to hear him say, ‘Okay, well, I’m going to get a divorce and we’ll have this baby and everything is going to be fine.’ And the first words out of his mouth were, ‘Well, you know I will pay for an abortion.’”

“And of course my heart sunk. And then the reality, you know, hit me right in the face. That he was married and he was going to stay married. And that’s the way it was. So I thought, fine. I wasn’t prepared to have a baby and raise it on my own, so I decided to go ahead and have the abortion.”

Flowers said Clinton seemed sympathetic at the time — but he later denied the relationship altogether.

And what about the sympathy for the baby?

Clinton callously threw $200 Flowers’ way to murder their unborn child because the baby was an inconvenience. It’s not the first time the Clintons have been alleged to have dealt with their inconveniences via murder; however, this would be Bill Clinton’s most innocent victim.

According to The Political Insider, 46 people close to the Clintons have died during their three decades of political power, including White House council Vince Foster; attorney Charles Ruff, a member of Bill Clinton’s legal team during his impeachment; and Jim McDougal, a witness before Kenneth Starr’s investigation of Foster’s death and the Clinton’s Whitewater business deals.

In July, DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered in mysterious circumstances, and his death was followed by hints that he was a WikiLeaks whistleblower.

Whatever the aforementioned men were involved in or knew about, it’s unlikely that all of them were killed just for existing.

The same cannot be said of the Flowers-Clinton baby, if Flowers’ story is accurate.

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