BREAKING REPORT: Desperate CNN Makes Shock Offer to Steal Megyn From Fox


There was a time when CNN was the top-rated news station on cable television, but they long ago lost the top spot to the Fox News Channel and have recently even been fighting with lowly MSNBC for the second- and third-best rank in the ratings.

The network may be getting desperate to make a change, one that will draw in viewers and rocket it back ahead of its rivals at Fox — possibly by stealing one of Fox’s biggest stars.

According to an exclusive from the Drudge Report, CNN top executive Jeff Zucker has been moving metaphorical mountains to try to woo Megyn Kelly to his own network to anchor a prime-time slot.

“He is moving the Himalayan mountains to get her,” a top insider at the network explained. “But they are tripped up on money. He simply can’t pay her the $20 million a year FOX has on the table.”

Vanity Fair reported back in October that top Fox executive Rupert Murdoch had offered Kelly a compensation package worth about $20 million to keep her at the network after her contract expired in July 2017, likely with the thought that no other competitor in cable or network news would be willing to pony up that much cash to steal her away.

But Drudge noted how the past 18 months have been somewhat tumultuous for both Fox and Kelly, highlighted by her thinly disguised feuds with fellow top Fox stars Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity.

Kelly is reportedly “despised” by some of her fellow Fox talent, a sentiment that has reportedly only gotten worse in recent weeks following the release of her book “Settle for More” and her seemingly constant promotion of it, with a couple of notable exceptions.

The report pointed out that while Kelly has showcased her book on nearly every Fox program besides her own, she has conspicuously avoided appearing on O’Reilly’s or Hannity’s programs.

However, she has gone on other networks to promote her book, even competitor CNN, where she was graciously hosted by purported rivals Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon, according to Deadline Hollywood.

Should CNN’s Zucker be successful in poaching Kelly away from Fox, she would likely immediately become their top star at an international level and would be heavily promoted and showcased across an assortment of venues in the broader Time Warner stable of entertainment outlets.

It remained to be seen how accurate this exclusive report really was, but it doesn’t take a genius to know that the other networks would love to have Megyn Kelly and her legions of viewers as their own.

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