BREAKING: Petraeus’ Mistress Breaks Silence, Says Sec. State Finalist Is “Unequally Qualified” for Position


Former Army intelligence officer Paula Broadwell, who gained national attention after her extramarital affair with then-CIA Director David Petraeus was exposed in 2012, has in a surprise move lent her support to her former paramour.

“I think he’s unequally qualified for many positions, but that’s not my position to say,” she told CBS News co-host Norah O’Donnell Thursday morning, referencing Petraeus’ interest in being nominated secretary of state by President-elect Donald Trump. “I think the president-elect would have to decide, and members of the Senate.”

As reported by CNN, while Petraeus was a decorated war hero, he was also a man with a troubled past. Years ago, he hired Broadwell to co-author his biography. In the process of having it written, however, he provided her with access to classified military intelligence.

It was during the affair between the two that this haunting mistake was exposed to the public, thus leading to his resignation from the CIA on Nov. 9, 2012. And it was because of these errors in judgment that many felt Petraeus was neither qualified for nor deserving of a position in Trump’s Cabinet.

Broadwell disagreed.

“As I woke up to the news, you know, it was a bit of a shocker that he was being considered for a Cabinet position, and I was — I was both shocked that I’m still in this tenuous position, and yet happy because I think he should be able to go on with his life,” she continued. “He’s earned it, and so should his family.”

Unfortunately, this bombshell defense was not apt to help Petraeus actually be nominated. Sources reportedly confirmed with CBS News’ Major Garrett Wednesday that Petraeus was “out of the running” and that former 2012 presidential nominee Mitt Romney was “the strongest remaining candidate.”

Still, every little bit counted and, more importantly, Trump had not officially made up his mind yet, rumors notwithstanding.

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