BREAKING: Pennsylvania Electors Under Police Protection Due to Threats


How far are Democrats willing to go in order to change the results of the Electoral College? Far enough that electors in the state of Pennsylvania need police protection to cast their ballots for Donald Trump on Monday.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, threats are part of the daily routine for the 20 electors pledged to Trump after the Republican’s victory in the Keystone State.

“Thousands of emails land in their inboxes every day,” the Post-Gazette reported. “Copies of the Federalist Papers and other books urging political courage are being mailed to their homes. They are even getting phone calls in the middle of the night.”

And that’s not even counting the death threats the electors have received.

“I’m a big boy. But this is stupid,” elector Ash Khare said. “Nobody is standing up and telling these people, ‘Enough, knock it off.’”

Khare is an Indian-born engineer who hails from Warren County. He describes 3,000-5,000 emails a day, some from as far away as France, Germany and Australia.

When Khare and 19 other Pennsylvania Republicans go to the state capitol in order to cast their vote, they’re each going to have a plainclothes state police trooper for protection, Khare said. However, if the left thought that this was going to engender defections, it seems they were sorely mistaken.

“There is zero chance of that,” elector Lawrence Tabas, general counsel for the state GOP, told the Post-Gazette about the possibility of faithless electors. “If you want to place a bet on that in Vegas, you can make enough money to retire.”

“I will not change my mind,” Khare added.

And elector Richard Stewart had a blunter message for those on the left who were looking to harass Republican electors.

“If Hillary Clinton had won, I certainly wouldn’t be calling up her electors saying, ‘change your mind,’” Stewart said. “I know how the system works. They lost. They ought to get over that.”

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