BREAKING: Paris in Flames

BREAKING Paris in Flames

Authorities in Paris are struggling to contain anti-police riots after allegations of sexual abuse by officers surfaced.

Five areas have been dubbed “no-go zones” for the past 5 nights as police battle rioters setting vehicles on fire and throwing what appear to be firecrackers.

The more peaceful demonstrators carry banners which are covered with names of people whom they believe have been victimized by the police force.

The locals have been under lockdown as the clash plays out on the streets with the rioters doing millions of pounds in damage, according to The Express.

It is feared that word of the alleged assault could spread farther, causing even more chaos in France.

Video shows the violence unfolding as some rioters should “Allahu akbar” while throwing molotov cocktails at squad cars.

It should be noted that these are simply allegations against the officers, with no conviction. Apparently that isn’t enough for people anymore, in the United States OR Europe.

These tense times have seen the birth of some of the most repugnant chaos I’ve ever seen. We are needlessly harming each other instead of having a necessary dialogue. We’re quick to anger, but seem to have no interest in bridging the gap between political parties.

We could get so much more done for so many people if we would just agree to disagree, but people would rather yell at each other and make money on hateful ads. Yes, I realize that what I’m proposing is far to idealistic to work right now, but if we continue down this path we will self-destruct as a nation and so will France.

As a people, we need to decide which direction we want to take as a nation, and we need to decide as soon as possible, or we may not get a choice.

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