BREAKING: Obama Responds To Trump’s Wire-Tapping Claim…

BREAKING Obama Responds To Trumps Wire-Tapping Claim…

President Donald Trump accused Barack Obama Saturday morning of ordering surveillance of Trump tower by tapped phones during the 2016 presidential election, and now an Obama spokesperson has publicly responded to the claim.

President Trump claims he’s discovered that his phones had been tapped at Trump Tower on Obama’s orders during the campaign for presidency, comparing the former President’s supposed actions to “Nixon/Watergate.”

CNBC reports:

In a statement, Kevin Lewis, a spokesperson for Obama, rejected Trump’s assertion. “A cardinal rule of the Obama Administration was that no White House official ever interfered with any independent investigation led by the Department of Justice,” he said.

“As part of that practice, neither President Obama nor any White House official ever ordered surveillance on any U.S. citizen. Any suggestion otherwise is simply false,” he added.

Trump did not cite the source of his information, but the brash remarks may constitute an acknowledgement that officials at the highest levels of government were at one time probing his business and financial dealings. They also come in the middle of a raging controversy over potential contact his campaign and its surrogates may have had with Russian officials. Russia stands accused of having interfered in the election, which has widened a rift between Trump and the intelligence community.

Obama’s PR defenders took little time in making their flat and sweeping denial of Trump’s accusation.

Trump made his tweets between six and six-thiry on Saturday morning, seemingly convinced but without offering sources for his accusation.

According to one of the tweets, Trump suspects his phones were tapped in October.

CNBC continues:

[…] In response to Trump’s comments, Rep. Eric Swalwell, a California Democrat who sits on the House Select Committee on Intelligence and is the ranking member on the CIA subcommittee, wrote on Twitter that the president was “not credible.”

Lewis’s flat denial of Trump’s accusations may be enough for many to discredit Trump’s suspicions, but will the president believe it?

As more details emerge, Trump may make attempts to clarify what he meant, and where he came up with the wire-tap story in response to being publicly discredited.

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