BREAKING: Obama Caught Making Stunning Call to Mexican Pres. After Trump Elected


President-elect Donald Trump’s tough line on Mexico is part of a wider strategy to renegotiate trade and immigration deals that he feels have given Mexican authorities the better end of the deal.

So what did President Barack Obama do after Trump was elected? He threw Trump’s plan right under the bus by calling Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto and essentially telling him not to worry.

According to The Washington Times, Obama had spoken with Nieto Monday in order to “take steps to solidify the relationship” between America and Mexico, as apparently enforcing immigration laws that have been on the books for years is so draconian that the Mexican government needs reassurance.

Call it a “safe space” via the wonders of telecommunications.

“Both presidents agreed to continue to take steps to solidify the relationship and institutionalize mechanisms of cooperation that have been created with bipartisan support to ensure that the strong and mutually beneficial partnership between Mexico and the United States endures,” a White House statement said.

By that, you can pretty much read that Obama said he would try to strengthen NAFTA, another major Trump target.

Obama and Nieto also discussed “the progress the two countries have made deepening economic relations, combating organized crime, managing migration and strengthening the rule of law to the benefit of the American and Mexican people,” the statement read.

Really, now.

The White House also said that Nieto “commended President Obama for being a steadfast friend of the Mexican people and a committed partner.” Oh, I’m sure he did.

There are certain people who will never learn. While last Tuesday’s surprise drubbing of Hillary Clinton was birthed of a panoply of factors, one of the foremost was the job President Obama has done “combating organized crime, managing migration and strengthening the rule of law” as it pertains to our southern border.

Voters were also rather unhappy that “mechanisms of cooperation that have been created with bipartisan support” had taken away jobs in manufacturing, among others. That’s why industrial states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio all repudiated Hillary Clinton — and by extension, Barack Obama — in a major way.

And what has the president learned? Nothing. Enrique Peña Nieto can bet that Donald Trump will be quite a bit different.

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