BREAKING: North Carolina Goes Democrat


On Monday afternoon, North Carolina Republican Gov. Pat McCrory conceded his re-election bid to his Democrat opponent, Roy Cooper, via a video posted to YouTube, WTVD-TV reported.

In his video, McCrory made it clear that he wanted to respect the voice of the North Carolinians who he said chose Cooper to represent them as the 75th governor of the Tar Heel state.

The election was a tight one, but four weeks after voters went to the polls, the appeals open to the governor began to dwindle and the lead of his opponent had started to pick up steam. As of Monday afternoon, Cooper led McCrory by 10,250 votes, according to WTVD-TV.

McCrory’s concession came after a recount in the state saw the Durham County Board of Elections examine 94,000 early-voting ballots.

The decision to move to a statewide recount hinged on the results of that review for McCrory, who said that if the results in Durham County were unchanged by the recount, he would not move for a statewide recount. On Sunday night, half the ballots had been recounted and the result was nearly the same.

You can watch McCrory’s concession statement on YouTube below:

Although McCrory noted that there were still questions that needed to be answered about the election results, he stressed the importance of listening to the voters and working to help his opponent have a smooth transition.

It appeared that McCrory held to his word and made the difficult decision to concede the results of the election. If there’s something amiss, hopefully it will be found and dealt with. In the meantime, it’s refreshing to see a politician keep his promises, so good for McCrory and all the best to the people of North Carolina and the Governor-elect Roy Cooper.

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