BREAKING NEWS: ISIS leader is killed !!!


Egypt’s military has claimed it has killed the leader of the ISIS terror cell responsible for the shooting down of a Russian passenger jet which killed 224 people.
Terror group leader Abu Duaa al-Ansari was killed in Sinai along with 45 of his top aides and other militants in a series of airstrikes, according to a military spokesman.
The airstrikes, launched near the town of Arish, also destroyed arms and ammunition stores used by the group.
Known as Wilayat Sayna, the group has been branded the ‘most dangerous terror group in Egypt’ following a five-year campaign of bloody attacks.


It comes as the ISIS faction released a video naming Egypt and its military forces as its primary targets.
Since Egypt’s military overthrew Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in 2013, jihadists have stepped up attacks on the army and police with near daily attacks in North Sinai.
The terror cell’s exact size is unknown, but estimates say they have between hundred and a few thousand fighters.

According to TRAC, the Terrorism research and Analysis Consortium, they are mostly composed of local Bedouins, but also recruits members from Egypt and beyond.

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