BREAKING: Nevada Takes Stand, Strikes Down Gun Background Check Measure


Nevada’s gun-hating liberals, an overwhelming majority of whom voted in favor of a measure during the 2016 election mandating universal gun background checks for private gun transactions, just received some bad news courtesy of their own ignorance.

Unbeknownst to liberal voters when they cast their ballots, the proposed measure, which was backed by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun control advocacy group, contained a fatal flaw requiring that the checks be issued through the FBI only.

However, several years ago Nevada reached an agreement with the FBI such that “when you buy a firearm, that check is done by the state’s Department of Public Safety, which checks both the federal database and Nevada’s own database,” according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Here’s the problem: The poorly drafted measure that liberals voted for “reject(ed) the tried and true point-of-contact system that Nevada’s Department of Public Safety has operated for decades, and instead require(d) that background checks under the new act ‘must’ be requested by licensed dealers directly from the FBI itself.”

Whoops. To make matters worse, the FBI has come out against the measure, reportedly stating that “these background checks are the responsibility of the state of Nevada to be conducted as any other background check for firearms, through the Nevada DPS.” Whoops squared.

And since the measure specifically prohibited the background checks from being conducted via the state’s central repository, there were no other options available, which is why the law had to be put to rest.

“It is manifestly unjust to criminally penalize someone for failing to perform an act that is impossible to perform,” Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt ruled Wednesday, referencing the fact that the measure’s own rules prevented background checks from being conducted.

He concluded that unless the FBI were to change its position, the state could not enforce the background check requirement on private sales.

And because the measure passed at the ballot box, it cannot be amended in any form for a minimum of three years, meaning Nevada’s liberal voters are out of luck.

The irony was rich.

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H/T The Washington Times