BREAKING: Miami Police Officers Ambushed, Rushed to ER in Bed of Pickup Truck

Miami Police Officers Ambushed Rushed to ER in Bed of Pickup Truck

Shots have been fired again in the ongoing war on cops, this time in an ambush-style attack in South Florida on Monday night.

ABC News reported that two undercover Miami police officers were rushed to a nearby hospital after they were ambushed and shot in the parking lot of an apartment complex while conducting an investigation.

The officers were reported to be in stable condition after receiving treatment for their injuries at Jackson Memorial Hospital. The two suspects who shot them were described as older teenagers wearing dark-colored hoodies.

“Individuals like this that have the audacity to ambush a vehicle unprovoked and open fire like that, are individuals in this community that are causing havoc and terrorizing this community day in and day out,” said Maj. Hector Llevat. “These are the officers that were out here to put a stop to that.”

“We do whatever we have to do to save our officers,” said Juan Perez, director of the Miami-Dade police. “We got lucky tonight that the officers will survive. It’s not going to deter us. In fact, what this does is the opposite.”

Reuters reported that the two officers were part of a homicide task force-gang unit who were approached by a group of men outside the apartment building who suddenly opened fire on them. At least one of the officers was able to return fire toward the group.

The two officers were rushed to the hospital in the back of a pickup truck. One of the officers was shot in the leg while the other was believed to have been only grazed by a bullet.

“Our officers are out there every night risking their lives trying to bring safety to the community, and what you saw today was an ambush-style attack on our police officers,” explained Perez, according to Reuters.

“They were outnumbered and outgunned. God was watching over them tonight,” Miami-Dade police union president John Rivera told the Miami Herald.

While it remained unclear at this time exactly who was responsible for this ambush attack on police officers, it is worth noting that the South Florida/Miami-Dade region is home to the fifth largest concentration of illegal immigrants in the United States, according to a February article from the Miami Herald.

In fact, it is estimated that the Miami metro area has roughly 450,000 illegal immigrants living there, at least 55,000 within Miami city limits alone, placing the area on par with major metropolitan areas in Texas like Houston and Dallas, third and forth on the list with approximately 575,000 and 475,000 illegal immigrants, respectively.

It is also worth noting that Miami-Dade used to consider itself a “sanctuary” for “undocumented migrants” but recently adjusted its policy to be more cooperative with the Trump administration’s efforts to track down, detain and deport illegal immigrants charged with or convicted of other crimes.

Hopefully whoever is responsible for attempting to murder two undercover police officers is quickly identified and apprehended and held accountable for their criminal actions, whatever their reasons for committing them.

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