BREAKING: Mexico Border Wall Bids Finally In

Mexico Border Wall Bids Finally In

If you were hoping to put in a bid for construction of President Trump’s “big, beautiful” border wall, I have bad news for you — you’ve missed the deadline.

According to Fox News, bids were due April 4 to construct the president’s signature infrastructure project, the southern border wall.

Fox reported that the Department of Homeland Security had been soliciting “bids for a 2,000-mile barrier to prevent illegal immigrants and drug traffickers from entering the U.S.”

An anonymous government official confirmed that they expect four to 10 bidders to be in the running to build the wall. The finalists must have worked on a border security or similar project in excess of $25 million in the past five years. So, if you’re with Uncle Fred’s Wall Building and Dryer Repair in Lafayette, Louisiana, sorry — you’re probably out of luck, too.

The selected bidders will build prototypes of a border wall on a piece of federal land out in San Diego at a cost of $200,000 to $500,000.

According to Canada’s Global News, proposals for the wall were a diverse lot.

Gleason Partners LLC proposed putting solar panels on top of the wall so that lights and power for border stations and sensors could be provided by the panels. They estimate selling the electricity generated by the panels could help pay for the construction of the border wall in as little as two decades.

“I like the wall to be able to pay for itself,” managing partner Thomas Gleason said.

Meanwhile, Crisis Resolution Security Services Inc. suggested turning the border wall into a tourist attraction, with visitors able to enjoy desert vistas atop the proposed 56-foot barrier.

My guess is that they’re not going to get too many liberal snowflakes spending their money there.

This is yet more proof that construction on the border wall the liberals thought was impossible is moving forward in a major way. It’s great news for anyone who wants border security — and horrible news for the Democrats and criminals.

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